History of Transport - Museum

Step Back in Time

Step back in time, to when central buses were red , and Country area buses were green, all buses had conductors.

See roads and buildings along the routes that have disappeared into the mists of time, along with the vehicles that travelled them. Some pages are listed by location, some by vehicle types. Also look at pictures of trams, trolleybuses and the tickets of the past.


Museum of Transport

Opened in 1979, the Museum is a partnership between Transport for Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester Transport Society and is an early example of successful partnership working between a local authority and a voluntary body.

Greater Manchester Transport designated important buses to join the collection once their service lives were over. These included the first ‘Mancunian’, the first ‘National’ and the first ‘standard’, with the aim that future generations would be able to enjoy the county’s transport heritage; and would be encouraged to support public transport.

Greater Manchester Transport is now Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) after its bus operations were transferred to GM Buses when local bus services were deregulated in 1986. TfGM is now responsible for local transport policy, bus stations and stops, subsidy for certain bus services, passenger information, concessionary fares and the development of Metrolink. GM Buses was split and privatised in 1993 and eventually became First Manchester and Stagecoach Manchester.

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