History of Transport - Advertising

Step Back in Time

Step back in time, to when central buses were red , and Country area buses were green, all buses had conductors.

See roads and buildings along the routes that have disappeared into the mists of time, along with the vehicles that travelled them. Some pages are listed by location, some by vehicle types. Also look at pictures of trams, trolleybuses and the tickets of the past.


Marketing & Media

Advertising on public transport is of high demand due to the number of consumers that see the adverts everyday. Manchester is just one of the many areas that business are using buses, trains and trams to expand their marketing strategies. In Manchester if a business has a bus rear campaign, over four weeks it will typically reach over 90% of Manchester. Public transport in Manchester has more uses that commuting.


Our media team communicates with trade, local, regional, national and international press on a daily basis and have developed strong, long-standing relationships to benefit our clients over the past 15 years. Providing media recommendations (online and offline), rationales and planning to answer unique recruitment needs is a key skill offered from international campaigns to single vacancy, local press advertising.

Research and Planning

New or developing media routes to a target audience are emerging all the time and we have the latest information and knowledge on all forms of media for our clients - from online sites to ambient advertising, from print through to radio, we have researched recruitment advertising on billboards to hot air balloons, on-screen in cinema and on parking tickets.

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