History of Manchester, Greater Manchester and Liverpool Public Transport

Step Back in Time

Step back in time, to when central buses were red , and Country area buses were green, all buses had conductors.

See roads and buildings along the routes that have disappeared into the mists of time, along with the vehicles that travelled them. Some pages are listed by location, some by vehicle types. Also look at pictures of trams, trolleybuses and the tickets of the past.


History of Manchester Public Transport 1824 - 1996

1 January 1824 - The first horse bus service started by John Greenwood, the proprietor of the Pendleton Toll Gates

1 March 1865 - The Manchester Carriage Company was formed which brought together a number of horse bus operators in the Manchester area.

1880 - This became the Manchester Carriage and Tramways Company with some further consolidation, including the Manchester Suburban Tramways Company.

7 June 1901 - Manchester Corporation Tramways Department started electric tram operations, as the public operation. The former Carriage Company was wound up in 1903

1929 - The name was changed to Manchester Corporation Transport Department to reflect the changing to motor buses

1966 - The name of this public operation was changed to Manchester City Transport

1 November 1969 - Control of MCT and other surrounding council transport departments were transferred to South East Lancashire North East Cheshire PTE, or SELNEC PTE

1 April 1974 - The operating name became Greater Manchester Transport, and its coverage was expanded.

27 February 1986 - This operation was separated from public ownership, and became Greater Manchester Buses Limited.

13 December 1993 - GMBL was further split to GMB North Ltd, and GMB South Ltd, on an approximate geographic basis. Just under 4 months later they were sold to employee buyout teams

February 1996 - GMB South was sold to Stagecoach Group, becoming Stagecoach Manchester.

March 1996 - GMB North was sold to First Bus, eventually becoming First Greater Manchester.

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